Two friends from childhood, Paris and Stefanis, have been growing local food such as olives ,mandarins and oranges and producing olive oil for many years. They have also had a long experience in providing services to tourists and, this way, they had the opportunity to meet and talk to thousands of visitors in Argolida, a land famous for its history. The two friends came up with the idea to combine their experiences in farming and tourism and to share "Meraki" (which comes from the treasure of the Greek land) with their friends around the world.

So, we choose for you what we would have on our table!

Extra Virgin - First cold press

Every year we collect our fresh olives by hand around November. We are ready to bottle and ship them around December. Thus our product is always fresh and in small quantities. When the 500kg or so runs out, that is it. We have no more to sell.

We provide a first cold press of our extra virgin olive oil which never exceeds 28 degrees Celsius.
We want to stress that we are really not a company but 2 friends that collect our very own olives and present them to you.

You can see the current selling prices at the end of the page.

The prices include the delivery of our product to your door and don't be suprised if Stefanis (the partner) himself shows up at your door with your delivery.

Click the link below for our blog page with many secrets just for you:

The path of your bottle and some little secrets

Our olive trees

Photos of our olive trees in ancient Epidauros

Our Olive Trees

Our olive trees are located on a hill in Argolis overlooking the Aegean sea near the ancient town of Epidauros known to the world for the oldest standing ancient Greek theater, with performances continuing to this day.


Photos of our products.

Meet the Owners



You can contact me via my cell phone at (+30) 6977-606-326



You can contact me via my phone at (+30) 6974-396636.

Meraki Olive Oil from Greece

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Current prices are :

Extra Virgin Olive Oil
bottle 250ml (4,50€)
bottle 500ml (7,50€)
bottle 750ml (10,50€)
carton of 5 liter (60,00€)